Service Levels

  • A safety check plus gears and brakes.

    49 British pounds
  • The classic annual service.

    79 British pounds
  • A complete rebuild, clean and grease of the bicycle.

    139 British pounds

Tune up

  • Brake adjustment front and rear

  • Gear adjustment front and rear

  • Measure, clean and oil chain

  • Safety check all bolts

  • Pump tyres to correct pressure


  • Brake adjustment (clean,oil calipers)

  • Gear adjustment (clean, oil mechs)

  • Check, clean, oil drivetrain components (chain, cassette, crankset)

  • Check, re-grease, adjust headset

  • Check, adjust bottom bracket

  • Check adjust wheel hubs

  • True wheels

  • Check wheel wear

  • Check tyre wear

  • Check frame, fork, hanger and dropouts adjust if possible

  • Check, clean, oil all wires and cables

  • Safety check all bolts

  • Wipe down frame, fork, wheels

  • Pump tyres to correct pressure


  • The bicycle will be completely stripped down to bare frame and forks.

  • The frame will be cleaned as well as all the parts individually, de-greasing them from all the road grime.

  • Every component and bolts will be greased properly and installed on the bike with the correct torque settings.

  • When the service is finished the bicycle will be road tested by our mechanic to ensure that it is on the absolute best condition that it can be in.

How we work

 We offer three types of maintenance services that will work as a guide to what your bike needs.  All bikes require different repairs so a quick assessment will be carried out when you drop it in.


The prices of services exclude parts. 


For a tune up or a general service the bicycle will be ready within 48 hours.  The restoration service will take 3 - 5 days. 


If your bicycle needs something fixed that is a must and does not exceed the £15 mark we will fix it unless agreed otherwise. 


You will have a live report on the bike's progress to notify you via text for any parts that need replacing and the time that it will be ready!

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