Our Services

  • All inclusive, full service that will make your bike feel like new.

    139 British pounds
  • Our most popular twice-a-year service. Problem report incl.

    79 British pounds
  • Minor maintenance service that includes basic adjustments.

    49 British pounds
  • You can find the price list at the bottom of the page.

    from £5

     1) Book your bike in and bring it over on the day you selected

     2) We will call or email you with the quote and fix it as soon as we can

     3) Pick up the bike when we text you and ride safe and problem free !

    Note : any duration shown in the booking process is the time slot that you can bring the bike in the shop.
If you found a date but the time doesn't work you can email us on bikeztube118@gmail.com    

  Full Service  


  • Complete bicycle strip down to bare frame and forks.

  • Clean the frame as well as all the parts individually, de-greasing them from all the road grime.

  • Every component and bolts will be greased/oiled and installed on the bike with the correct torque settings.

  • All parts will be adjusted for optimal performance and safety.

  • When the service is finished the bicycle will be road tested by one of our mechanics to ensure that it is on the absolute best condition that it can be in and ride like new.

  General Service  


  • Brake adjustment (clean,oil calipers)

  • Gear adjustment (clean, oil mechs)

  • Check, clean, oil drivetrain components (chain, cassette, crankset)

  • Check, re-grease, adjust headset

  • Check, adjust bottom bracket

  • Check adjust wheel hubs

  • True wheels

  • Check wheel wear

  • Check tyre wear

  • Check frame, fork, hanger and dropouts adjust if possible

  • Check, clean, oil all wires and cables

  • Safety check all bolts

  • Wipe down frame, fork, wheels

  • Pump tyres to correct pressure

  ''Gears & Brakes''  


  • Brake adjustment front and rear

  • Gear adjustment front and rear

  • Measure, clean and oil chain

  • Safety check all bolts

  • Pump tyres to correct pressure

How we look after you and your bikes

  • We always carry out a standard 25-point check on all bikes that are booked for either the general or full service and you will get notified shortly after if any parts or extra work is needed.

  • We always work on bikes after we notify you about any cost changes or estimates.

  • When we advise you to replace parts it is always necessary to our judgement/experience and with an absolute reason so dangerous situations or additional future repairs will be prevented.

  • Service prices are labour only and don't include any cost of parts.

  • For a general service bikes are typically ready in 1 to 3 days. The full service take 3 - 5 days. 

  • You will have a live report on the bike's progress and we will notify you via text for any parts that need replacing and the time that it will be ready!

  Common workshop services  

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Repairs List


  • Regular Brake Adjustment from £6 each
  • Regular Brake Pads Installed (incl. part) from £14 each
  • Disc Brake Adjustment from £10 each
  • Disc Brake Pads Installed from £22 each
  • Brake Wire / Cable Installed (incl. part) from £12 each


  • Gear Adjustment from £15 each
  • Gear Wire / Cable Installed (incl. part) from £18 each
  • Chain Installed (not incl. part) £8
  • Full Drivetrain Service (incl. full clean) £39

Wheels / Tyres

  • Regular Puncture Fix (incl. new tube) £15
  • Tyre fitted (not incl. part) from £10
  • Regular Wheel fitted (not incl. part) front £10 - rear £25
  • Spoke Replacement (incl. part and true) from £19 (£1 per spoke if more than 2)


  • Seat Fit £5
  • Pedal Fit £5
  • Carrier Rack fit from £15
  • Mudguards Fit from £15