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Bikeztube History

  It all began a long long time ago back when everything was simpler, around 1957, when we opened our first motorcycle garage. You see, we are a group of mechanics down a long family tree sharing values, passion and even tools. Yes, that is correct we still have some tools in the shop that are more that 70 years old.

  As time moved on, we fell more and more in love with bikes whether they had an engine or not. During the '70s and 80's we were fixing both motorcycles and bicycles in the same shop, being in the centre of both worlds. It was at the beginning of 2000s that we started to focus more and more on bicycles until that was our only focus. Nowadays, and for the last 2 decades we have been a dedicated bicycle shop with great success and a huge welcome & support from our cycling community. Since 2013, where Bikeztube started on Junction road, we have had a big following of cyclists that trust us and helped us grow into what our shop is today. Everyone is welcome here, from commuters to triathletes and everyone in between.

  We carried a lot of skills from our garage days of the motorcycling world like wheel building, bespoke frame welding, part fabrications and much more. We are cyclists first and our passion for this 2 wheeler made us specialize in a lot of areas within it. We have a lot of stories to tell and a lot of secret tips and tricks about fixing bikes that were passed on from generation to generation. So rest assured that when it comes ti bikes, it's always personal !

Raleigh fixie single speed bicycle inside bike workshop to be fixed and tools
Bikeztube's workshop staff and mechanics holding a Schwinn bicycle after a full repair service and custom build
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